administrative support

What can a VA do for you: Administrative support

55% of  Americans say they would save 16 minutes to one hour a day if they were more organized. Those consumers are then wasting 2-15 days a year!

Now, we aren’t all Americans, but organizational matters affect us anyway. 
Think: up to ONE HOUR a day LOST
Gone completely, only because of a lack of organization. 
You may not like planning and organizing, but I’m absolutely sure you see the value of that.
Now, what would you like to do if you would get that hour per day back? 
Trust me, you can regain all the time you currently lose when you working with a virtual assistant. 
And now I’m going to tell you how a VA can help you get that time back from the point of view of administrative support.

1. Making travel arrangements: a skilled VA knows how complicated and time-consuming can be to find the right match between a flight and a train. Think when you need to reach a town where there is no airport, so you need a connection between the airport and your final destination: if you haven’t been there before, you need to make a research, check the options, get the tickets and figure out where exactly you are going to catch the connection (at least, this is what years of traveling taught me: a way of saving time. And get lost fewer times 😀 ).
How much time do you lose? A lot!
When you have a virtual assistant working out the travel arrangements, you just give her the dates. That’s it. You’ll find your tickets in your inbox and you’ll just need to go to the airport (sorry can’t help with that, but I can book you a taxi!).

2. Managing your calendar: meetings, meetings, meetings and more meetings.
How can you be on top of everything, knowing who you are going to meet and what you are going to talk about? Again, a virtual assistant can arrange your meetings: either these are with clients, prospect clients, friends, your doctor or hairdresser. It doesn’t matter.
As long as you share a google calendar with your virtual assistant, she can easily arrange all your meetings.

The benefit? You are on top of everything without stressing about when and where to meet this person. You just check your calendar and see an organized list of meetings with all the details you need. Cool, isn’t it?

3. Research: whether you need to look for new prospect clients, topic for a new blog post, market research, or anything else, a virtual assistant can definitely assist with these tasks. Consider that an experienced VA will have quite valuable source of information and resources, so she will know where to look for what you need.
The benefit? At the end of the research you will get a detailed report, packed with all the information you need. You just need to go through it.

4. Email handling: how about Monday morning. Sitting at your desk.
Opening your email account. BOOM.  Some 50+ emails to read. Nice, uh?
No, not really. So, instead of losing time figuring out which emails are worth reading and which not, you can pass this to your virtual assistant.
She will throw the spammy, useless emails, and divide the rest in categories: may it be urgent, personal, business, HR, projects, invoices, for example. And you have then all the time to through the different categories and have already an idea about the topics you are going to read.
Let’s say is a more organized way of browsing your inbox (when you are ready for that).

5. Presentations: you have a conference or a workshop coming up. You do have the written content and you know what you will be talking about but…you miss the actual slides! Or maybe you just don’t like doing it.
No problem, again a virtual assistant can save you and handle that too. Whether you already have a template or not, a VA knows how to make it work and appealing.
You just get ready for the workshop, practice your speech and your assistant will take care of the branding, the nice pictures and the text of your slides.
Something else to get off your to-do list.