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What a Virtual Assistant can do for your Social Medias

According to this VerticalResponse’s infographic (a bit old, I have to admit), in 2012 the majority of small businesses (43%) spent about SIX HOURS A WEEK (almost one working day!!!) on social medias.

This statistic doesn’t include the time you spend actually creating the content you need to publish, so I would say you should add maybe 2 to 5 hours a month more.

It’s true, nowadays, whether you run an online or local business, there is a need of being present on social medias because people who find out about you want to see who you are, what you like, what you do etc.
After all, people do business with people: if I want to buy a package of coaching for example, i want to find out more about the coach, sometimes the website isn’t enough, i want to see who s/he is really and sort of “virtually” get to know her.  On the other hand, if I see that the facebook page of this coach was updated last time in 2015, I will have serious doubts and I will probably start thinking about another coach.

So, as you can see from the data above, being active on the social media is extremely time-consuming and a virtual assistant can definitely support you with this kind of activities and today I want to give you a few ideas.
So, what can a virtual assistant for you, so you are able to nurture this followers and turn them into paying clients? 

1) Schedule the content: by scheduling your status updates, pictures, blog posts or videos on your social channel, a virtual assistant makes you save time and money.
Let’s say you are coach or a consultant, and you charge around 150$ per hour/session.
A virtual assistant has an average hourly rate of 25 to 50$. If you spend let’s say 5 hours in a month for creating content, scheduling it and engaging with your audience, those 5 hours are time taken from your core activity: meeting clients.
Think how much more wisely you could invest those 5 hours if you would delegate the process of scheduling the content!

2) Engage with your audience: if you only post but you don’t engage with people, answer their questions or comments, your followers will figure that you are just automating the content and you aren’t actually there.
And it’s a pity, because this can be the number one reason why people stop following you.
You may have awesome content, but if you don’t listen to your audience you won’t know if they really like it or what is their opinion about it.
Maybe somebody asks a question and it stays there, unanswered, for month, before you even notice it. It doesn’t look nice, nor it makes you look good.
If you decide to let your virtual assistant take care of your audience, you are sure 100% that all the comments and questions are answered in a short time. You are sure that you are also offering an awesome customer service.
What is better than making your audience feeling special for following you? Do you picture in mind how that could increase your sales?

3) Find and connect with your ideal audience or influencers: this is a great strategy if you want to connect with you ideal clients, or if you want to connect with influencers.
Having a VA taking care of this, allows you to have an overview on the type of content they are publishing and make it easier to find a point of contact.
Think, just by sharing others’ content and engaging, you could have the chance to finally being noticed by that influencer you’ve been following for months.
The outcome? Having your product or services being shared by that influencer with his/her own (huge) audience. Not bad, uh?

Got an idea about the benefits a virtual assistant brings you? Here there are a bit more:

*Run a contest or event
*Write status updates & create shareable images
*Schedule posts for upcoming launches (before during and after)
*Create recurring automated posts for all your past blog posts
*Create recurring posts for your opt-in and freebies
*Create Twitter lists of people you’d like to start connecting with and retweet their stuff
*Ensure your recent blog posts are being posted multiple times after they are published.

If you are taking care of these tasks, think twice about it: by letting a virtual assistant take care of these activities, you will have way more time to focus on growing your business and making more money, because you’ll manage to focus on:

*what you love,
*what you are good at,
*everything that needs your full presence, focus and attention,
*and you will stop saying: I don’t have time!

So, if you’ve got curious about VAs and social medias, get in touch with me using this form, I’ll answer in 24 hours!