What is your time worth to you?

We often think about our time and value when we price up our products and services, but really, our time is worth so much more than an hourly rate.

Time brings opportunities to be with family and friends; the chance to watch your kids playing in the park, laughing and giggling with each other, or the relaxation of date night with your partner, a chance to reconnect, talk, plan holidays or simply to indulge in adult play.

As female entrepreneurs and small business owners, we often find ourselves trying to fit more in. Every little pocket of free time becomes space to squeeze in another client call, another email or another social media post. We’re very good at never stopping!

So, how would it feel to have some support in your business? Someone to take care of things like:

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Webinar technical set-up
  • Landing pages
  • Integration between different social media platforms
  • Creating seamless links and enhancing your customers’ experience.

Just think of all the things you could do (both for pleasure, leisure or business) if someone took care of the stuff you hate, the things you’re just not good at or the things you don’t have time to do anymore.

  • An extra hour in bed?
  • Relaxed, carefree time to prepare, cook and eat delicious, healthy family meals?
  • A yoga and meditation class to focus on body, mind and soul?
  • A relaxed car journey to take the kids to school because you know you don’t have to rush straight home again?
  • The chance to create new business connections; to send those personal emails you’ve been putting off for months?

I’m passionate about supporting female entrepreneurs through online business management and virtual assistance services so that they have more time for all the things they love and can spend more time focusing on the truly important aspects of their business to achieve the impact or growth they desire.

My 4 Hour Weight Lifting Taster Package for just €200 will give you back more precious time and help your business run more effectively to create a seamless customer experience! (click to grab this special package!)

But before you grab this commitment-free bargain, I’m pretty certain you’ll have some questions.

After all, this business has been your baby for a while now and handing some of the responsibility to a virtual stranger is pretty scary!


What does the Weight Lifting Taster Package include?


This package includes 4 hours of VA/OBM support for your business PLUS an in-depth Skype call to discuss your business requirements right now, your mission and goals and a plan of work to be carried out.

What kinds of services can be achieved in 4 hours?

  • Integration between your website or landing page, email marketing and automated payments.
  • Keeping databases up to date and ensuring links work correctly across all your platforms.
  • Repurposing and scheduling content on your social media accounts.
  • Setting up the technical elements of your webinar or summit, complete with email marketing integration.
  • Email marketing campaigns and sales funnels.

How safe are my passwords and content?

Your passwords will always be safe. I use LastPass to keep my personal passwords safe from danger too.  All material is stored securely in Google Drive or Dropbox to make it easily and safely accessible to you from anywhere you are and from any device.

What if I have questions or want to know when the work will be finished?

I use organisational tools such as Trello and Asana (my personal favourites) to keep clients updated every day. I’m also available on Skype during office hours if you need to make any last minute changes or if you have any other relevant information that affects my services to you.

These FAQs should answer all your queries, but if there’s anything not listed, please send me a quick email and I’ll get right back to you.

Are you ready to watch your business grow without you having to give up on your passions, private life and friendships? I believe you deserve a balanced life without sacrificing your ambitions, vision and business goals.

Get the weight lifted off your shoulders today with my commitment-free offer.