Have you been thinking of working with a Virtual Assistant but you are full of doubts and fears?

You are in the right place, then!

My Weight-Lifting Taster package is designed to help awesome women entrepreneurs like you, who feel a bit overwhelmed: whether you don't have enough time for everything, or don't want to spend time doing some boring and time-consuming tasks, I've got what you need.

This package is perfect for you if you have been in business for few years and:

  • -you know that you would really benefit from a team, but you are feeling nervous about it: letting go of your "baby" is scary!
  • -You want to test drive working with a virtual assistant: you don't know if it's a good idea!
  • -You are sceptical because...how can you trust someone you have never meet and will never meet face-to-face?!!!?

Well, don't worry, you're safe!

The Weight-Lifting Taster is just for you! 



What does it include, you ask?

  • 1-hour strategy call where we are going to define goals, tasks and deadlines.
  • 4 hours of VA work from my side to get some weight off your shoulders, shorten your to-do list and help you get closer to your goals!

Okay, but how much is it?

It's only 199$ or 170euro! 

And the best part? It's commitment free. Differently from my usual packages, this is for you to test if working with a Virtual Assistant is for you: you aren't committing to any long-term relationship!


Yes, there is a but: I only have FIVE spots available for this offer, and when they are taken, it's over!
This offer isn't going to appear anytime soon, or it might, but the price will be higher!



So how does it work?

We set up a call

Once you get in touch with me, we'll arrange a call to discuss your goals, see how I can help you and see if we are a good fit!

We'll get to know each other and define the next step.

Tasks and deadlines

After our first call, we are going to discuss and set goals, define tasks and deadlines. 

When everything is in place, I'm going to create an Asana space and Trello board for you to see the progress.

Work on your project

You can relax, or focus on what you love the most about your business: develop a new program, meet your clients, plan your next launch.

Once all the tasks are done and your to-do list is short and clean, we'll have a call again and I'll walk you through what I've been doing.



All you need to do now is book your call from the form below and expect an email from me within 24 hours!

But remember, I only have FIVE spots available for the Weigh-Lifting Taster,
o don't overthink it!