How to Hire the Perfect Virtual Assistant for You

Let me guess: you are a solo-entrepreneur, or you run a small company. You just can’t handle all the tasks. You clearly understand that you need a hand but don’t have the budget for another person.
The best solution for you could be to hire a virtual assistant.
I know most entrepreneurs think that VA take usually care of admin tasks only, but it really depends.

There are plenty of virtual assistants with a handful of different skills: you may need someone to manage you SoMe AND your calendar? No problem, you’ll find one. Maybe you need someone to do the bookkeeping AND proofread? Again, you’ll find her.
Ok, I’ve made it sound easy, but if you want to avoid burning yourself with the wrong VA (for you), there are a few questions you should keep in mind before hiring a virtual assistant:
  1. What are the tasks I’d like my VA to do? Prepare a list of tasks you would want the Virtual Assistant to follow. It would be even better if, before the call, you would group the tasks into categories (admin, SoMe, Newsletters, logistics)
  2. Is it a long term or short term project?
  3. What is my budget?

Keep these questions in mind, and take some notes as they are going to be useful during your first meeting with a virtual assistant.



To make the most out of your first meeting with a VA, keep in mind these questions: they’ll help the VA understanding more about you, your business and what you need:

Introduce yourself and your business – what is your company about? Core aspects? Values?

Experience – What are the tasks you need support with? What is the experience of the VA about the tasks? 

Expectations – What are your expectations of working with a VA? Have you worked with a VA before? Was it a positive/negative experience? Why?

Communication – What is the tool you prefer to use to communicate? Do you use Skype or Google Hangouts? Do you have a preferred project management tool? Where do you prefer to store files?

Sensitive data/information – If you are thinking about sharing with your VA private information, you can ask her to sign a non-disclosure agreement. A good VA usually has her NDA they’ll invite you to sign too.

These are just a few questions and hints that can help you finding the best virtual assistant for you, try to arrive prepared with clear ideas at least about the tasks you want her to follow.

Any question about working with a VA?



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