To Be Consistent On Social Medias

Three Easy Tools To Be Consistent On Social Medias

Every Monday I sit at my desk with a cup of delicious espresso tea (yes, espresso tea guys…although I’m Italian and I love espresso coffee) and I light up a candle. It’s my ritual (or a prayer?) before scheduling or reviewing the content for the week/month ahead.
Tell me, does it happen to you too? To feel overwhelmed because you have no clue about what to post?
I see you, no worries. I manage my own and my clients’ content. I know how much time it takes, but only If you don’t use three very basic and FREE tools:

  1. A news feed
  2. An editorial calendar
  3. A social media management tool
This combination gives you the chance to stay on track without spending too much time.

Once you use these three tools, you can breathe and take it (a bit) easier.


Let’s sink in:
  • FEEDLY: very simple and useful. It’s a news feed: you can create a feed based on your interests. You just choose the categories and topics you are interested in and add blogs you wish to follow. Once you log in, in your dashboard will appear the unread articles from the blogs you had previously chosen.
    Example: I look for articles on the topic “Entrepreneurship”, create a folder name “Entrepreneurship” and I add .Inc and The Entrepreneur. Every time I open my dashboard, I will see articles from those blogs that I haven’t read yet, so I’ll have an overview on what has been published. This way it’s easier for me to select the posts I want to share without the need for digging different websites.
  • EDITORIAL CALENDAR: it’s a publishing calendar. There are so many available for free, or you can just create a spreadsheet. This calendar will help plan the content for your blog and social medias.  You could decide to have a focus for a specific day (MotivationalMonday, for example).
    Ideally, deciding what to schedule for the month ahead is always a good choice, especially because once you have a defined calendar and your Feedly dashboard, you can blend your own and others’ content without panicking about what to publish. A calendar gives you clarity, so you are never unprepared.
  • HOOTSUITE or BUFFER: Once you have your editorial calendar, you can schedule the month or the week ahead. Scheduling the posts in advance it means having more time to interact with your followers, so please, use a part of time you save to get in touch personally with your audience, or you’ll look like a robot!(and lose authenticity!)
Let’s put everything together:
  • Choose the right platform where your ideal client hangs out and choose the goal of your content marketing (is it to inform? motivate? inspire? entertain people?)
  • Fill your calendar: assign a category to a specific day and time (promoFridays, fun Saturday, freebie Tuesday…)
  • Check your Feedly: if the topic of Tuesdays is “inspiration”, select the right category on Feedly, browse through the blogs you decided to follow and choose the articles to share with your audience. Add the links of the articles to the right date on your calendar until you fill in the whole calendar.
  • At this point you can schedule your posts: just copy-paste the links and add a comment and introduction. You can even add a Sniply, so the reader isn’t completely gone from your site, but has an anchor back.

That’s basically it. The aim is to spend as less time as possible doing this scheduling activity since I bet you’d like to use your valuable time by focusing on bringing money in.


Having a hard time scheduling the content?
I can help you by taking care of these time-consuming activities while you meet your clients.

So write me now and let’s talk about it!