Cindy Rosset, Rosset Coaching&Training.

In the short period of working with Alessia (7 months so far), her attention to details, accurate understanding of what customer wants and prompt execution with high quality have stood out in her work delivered. I have total pleasure, trust and ease of mind when working with her. She has also demonstrated her creativity, aesthetic and resourcefulness (in available technologies/applications).

Natalie Vijlbrief, Digitalie.

Alessia was amazing at taking my branding and ideas and turning them into slick, awesome images quickly.
I was so happy to not spend my time figuring out what I wanted but to be able to tell her the feeling I wanted and just get back exactly what I meant.
I will definitely work with her in the future!


Dean A. di Nardi, Pitchersize.

Alessia has provided great way to getting more done without me doing more. The efforts of a virtual assistant are priceless.
The low-cost factor with high return is ideal.
Alessia has the professionalism, personality, and experience to get the job done. Thanks, Alessia.



Barbara Zonzin, CloudJam, Photo and Video Production.

Alessia is very smart and understands immediately.  We don't even email too much; we had a quick chat at the beginning. Very professional. I totally trust her. I don't even check the time she works for me, even if she report every month. I just need to give our availability and she plans everything for us.


Anh Thu Nguyen, Digital Business Coach and Founder of ThreeSixtySkills.

anh_head_3001-1When I decided to hire a virtual assistant, I was looking for a fast learner, proactive and organized person. Alessia has all these skills and thanks to her help I finally have more time to devote to the growth of my company and I don't constantly feel in a rush or under pressure. It's not necessary to do everything on your own: if you are always stressed and feel like you don't have time for yourself, choose her!


I 16 Forti di Ancona, Cultural organization.

Schermata 2016-04-25 alle 12.05.20Alessia helped our organization by keeping contacts with the participants of our events. The last were massive and without such an organized person it could have been extremely hard for us to keep organized and balance our work. Her support was absolutely needed and I am really sure I will call her again for future events.


Across Limits, ICT and Elearning

Schermata 2016-07-05 alle 11.37.35Alessia helped us in the day-to-day activities. She is a fast learner always ready to ask questions and complete the tasks at hand as best as possible. It's been a pleasure working with her.



ILingua, School of languages

Schermata 2016-07-05 alle 11.43.21Alessia was able to get along with all of us by addressing specific needs. Sha has excellent communication skills, is reliable and 100% organized. You will feel really pleased to have her on your team.