How to Rock Your Existing Content

Who could use some extra time freed up in their schedule these days?
It’s highly unlikely that anyone would say no to that, especially business owners and entrepreneurs who have a lot on their plates. And if you’re involved in the content marketing aspect of your business, you know how tough it is to build good content and continue to get good use out of it without it being repetitive.
Whether you come up with the content yourself or you have a team (or a qualified individual) that handles it, you know it takes effort, and you don’t want it to be just a one-and-done type of thing.

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You also probably know by now that you simply can’t do everything yourself, and delegating tasks is not only helpful but essential. When it comes to content, you can save time and effort by taking your existing quality content and repurposing it elsewhere.
If you’re not familiar with content repurposing, what it looks like is taking content you have used in the past and changing the format of it into an entirely different one. For example, you may have several blog posts on one subject; you can compile those posts and make them into a singular e-book or guide.
Another way to repurpose your content is to shift the target audience for that content. One piece of quality content can be turned into five pieces—or potentially even more! This doesn’t necessarily equate to repetition; think of it like some of the furniture repurposing projects you may have seen on Pinterest: take a coffee table made out of old wooden pallets, for example. The structure of the pallets hasn’t changed; they are still intact, but they’ve just been made into a singular entity and serve a different purpose. Sounds pretty useful and efficient, doesn’t it?

There are many benefits of repurposing your content. For one, different content types reach different customers, especially on social media. Some customers respond better to text, and some to videos. Reaching more customers means more potential business.
If your repurposed content becomes popular, it may even achieve high ranking on Google with the same keyword as the original. You will automatically get more traffic and views that way, with little to no extra work necessary.
Not only will your repurposed content reach different customers, but it will reach customers at different buying stages as well because the content now applies to more population segments.

Repurposing old content also allows you to use something that was good at one time, but can be renewed and made even better. You don’t want that excellent content to be ignored, so changing it up into a new format for a new audience is a great way to ensure that it won’t get lost in the future shuffle. In addition, there may have been readers or customers who missed the content the first time (or you have—hopefully—acquired new customers since then who haven’t seen it) and repurposing will achieve more coverage for that excellent piece of content you or your team worked so hard on.

That brings us to the final—and probably most beneficial—reason why repurposing content is a great idea. It should be the most obvious as well: time! Imagine you can repurpose one piece of content into even three, for example. Now you have three new pieces for your marketing, which you spent little to no time on, and extra time to work on other projects!
Everyone knows time is money, and the more time you save, the more money you can make.

And this is where I come into the picture.
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