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How to Work with your Virtual Assistant: Project Management Tools

The success of any business is almost always based on an element of collaboration.

While every small business owner will attest to the fact that they are occasionally called upon to be the “head cook and bottle washer” at the same time, you can only achieve real success if you delegate and rely on people who are competent and skilled at their particular vocation.

Whenever a project kicks off it’s important that everybody is on the same page and understands what needs to be done to make sure that the project is a success.

In the old business model, organisations may have chosen to keep everything in-house, to employ particular specialists under the same roof and thereby, to some extent, simplify communications at the very least.
However, we know that a much more modern-day approach and one that is likely to return bigger dividends is to outsource whenever possible.

Outsourcing often requires the use of several different virtual assistants and individuals who may be located in far-flung geographical areas.
No longer is it a case of going into the next office to discuss a particular element of the project while in progress, but it is often the case of working across different time zones and finding a way to communicate with someone who may be working while the rest of the team is effectively sleeping.

Web-based project management and collaboration tools are coming into their element, as a powerful answer to this particular challenge. Business owners who adapt and embrace these project management tools have the ability to be flexible when needed, to communicate clearly and proactively and help to keep the workflow moving.

Let’s look at a few of these options:

Trello is a collaboration tool that organises your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process.
it’s an extremely visual tool and it’s useful for people who need to have an overview of the whole project/process.

Asana is web based and app tool that helps you organise projects, tasks and processes in a “checklist style”. It’s less visual but, in my opinion, is cleaner than Trello: you can assign tasks, mention team member, have multiple projects, without cluttering almost at all the main tasks section. 

Basecamp is one of the better-known options available. This product focuses on message sharing rather than trying to make “head or tail” of e-mail threads. “To do”s” can be assigned and deadlines issued to individual members. Files, documents and other multimedia information can be shared both internally within the team and shown to the clients at the appropriate time.


A project management and collaboration tool is an essential requirement for any expanding, modern online business in order to ensure prompt communication between various individuals responsible for integral elements.
These tools take the guesswork out of project development and ensure that deadlines are met, consistently.