Creative Agency and Virtual Assistants: does it work? (Case-study)

Barbara and Nicola from CloudJam, a creative agency based in The Netherlands, decided to share  some impressions and opinions about working with a VA. They create stunning videos and their photos are so expressive. Don’t trust me, just head over their  portfolio and you’ll see it yourself.

  • What is your business about?
    At CloudJam we are specialized in food and interiors and our main focus is on making photo, video and websites for hotels and restaurants, but not only, of course :-)
  • Why did you decide to work with a virtual assistant?
    What made you think that you needed this kind of support?

    A virtual assistant saves a lot of your time, so you can focus on something else. We needed to promote our company but not the time to do it.
  • Did you have doubts or fears before we started working together?
    Is not easy to find someone that understand your technical capabilities and can speak with your same voice to clients. But Alessia already knows almost everything and this is what make my choice a winning decision 🙂
  • How do you and your business benefit from working with a virtual assistant?
    Time, time and again time. And relax. I mean, I can focus on something else, like realizing the products, and she organizes the meetings or do the research. This is a huge help. We really suck in promoting ourselves, Alessia really helps us and does the job.
  • Do you want to add something?
    Alessia is very smart and understands immediately.  We don’t even email too much; we had a quick chat at the beginning. Very professional. I totally trust her. I don’t even check the time she works for me, even if she report every month. I just need to give our availability and she plans everything for us.

So, if this interview sparked your interest, don’t wait and write me immediately before I head over to Italy for the Christmas holidays!


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