Case Study – Coach

The Client

This customer is a digital business coach specialized in working with expat women who want to reinvent their career abroad and build a portable business. She wrote one book and is developing an online program. She is based in Asia. 

What I do for HER

  1. Create graphic content for the social medias: I create quotes with Canva, Pablo,, PicMonkey, PhotoShop and research inspirational quotes.
  2. Schedule the content on the social medias with Hootsuite and WordPress.
  3. Edit, format, proofread and look for suitable images for blog posts.
  4. Create graphic headers.
  5. Track and report monthly through Google Analytics.
  6. CRM (customer relationship management): I collect the data, order and store them. 
  7. Take care of publication of guest posts.

How what I do helps HER

Taking care of the previous tasks, I allow my client to spend more time developing relations with prospect clients, run coaching sessions with more clients (therefore a higher income) and focus on what is vital for the business, such as the development of new programs.

Working ongoing with a client allows me to understand what their needs are, and how they work. Clearly, the business goals of my client, become mine too. After the first tasks, I can understand how the clients like to work, and they feel confident that I understand it.

Since I consider myself an ongoing student, I know where to find best practices for many different sectors. 

My client mentioned that I allow her to focus on the growth of her company and that she doesn’t feel constantly under pressure since we started working together.


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