What To Do if Your Business is Invisible (on Social Medias)

How do you handle social medias? Do you feel like you HAVE to be there, even though you aren’t 100% sure about the reason?
If you are still wondering how social medias have something to do with business, this article is definitely for you.
Many small business owners completely overlook the potential of social media in relation to growth, audience building and even customer service!
When you approach social medias from a business-related point of view, you may feel confused, or that you don’t know what to do.
Or you know what to do on social medias, but you simply don’t have the time to prepare and schedule the content! Because let’s admit it, it’s a lot of work!
Today, a huge part of society has a presence on Facebook and /or Twitter and many of the myriad others, like Instagram or Pinterest.
Due to the amount of time that people spend engaging with social media, you, as a business owner, can’t overlook the opportunity to “see and be seen.
This is where a virtual assistant can truly shine (hint, you have one right here!).
When you work with a VA who is knowledgeable about social medias and its impact on business and sales, you can trust your content is going to be used wisely and your message integrated into the social conversation.
This must be done in a specific way in order not to alienate people, but when done carefully and according to a specific plan, it can create considerable potential benefits for your business!
For example, many forward thinking businesses use Twitter for customer service reasons: this platform is always active, and customers can quickly spread the word about their experience and relationship with their business.
Here just a few examples of how a VA can help you with your social medias:
Schedule your content, so you are active, visible and your content provides value for your audience. If I want to make business with someone, I go and check their social profiles: if they have been inactive for a long time, I think they aren’t in business anymore. And you don’t want to miss chances of sales here!
Engage with your audience: not only you need to be visible, but by engaging with your audience, you create a relationship with them, (people do business with people!) therefore the trust in your brand skyrockets!
Create recurrent post to drive traffic to your website, opt-in or previous articles, because you don’t want your amazing content to get old and invisible!
Repurpose your content: you spent valuable time writing an article and then what? You can’t leave it on your website! A VA can help you “recycling” your article and turn it into a video, status updates, memes, tweets, a presentation and much more! (see here for a juicy article about repurposing).
There’s a lot to be said, after all, for the phrase “out of sight and out of mind.”
As people spend so much of their time in social medias, if your brand is in front of your audience in a relevant and contributory way (meaning add value!), this can help with ongoing and future marketing.
The key here is consistency, however. Social media campaigns must be ongoing and planned from a strategic point of view.
This is a perfect job to outsource rather than try to handle in-house!
So, have I given you food for thoughts?
If you are worried about your social medias, don’t freak out!
virtual assistant

How Does a Virtual Assistant REALLY Work?

If there is something I learned during this year and a half as a full-time virtual assistant, is that very many times the majority of people don’t have an idea of how a virtual assistant works.
This is the main reason why I decided to write this article.
I want to show you all the most important aspects of working with a VA.
It’s just so important that you have a clear understanding of how I work with my clients.

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How to Rock Your Existing Content

Who could use some extra time freed up in their schedule these days?
It’s highly unlikely that anyone would say no to that, especially business owners and entrepreneurs who have a lot on their plates. And if you’re involved in the content marketing aspect of your business, you know how tough it is to build good content and continue to get good use out of it without it being repetitive.
Whether you come up with the content yourself or you have a team (or a qualified individual) that handles it, you know it takes effort, and you don’t want it to be just a one-and-done type of thing.
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Virtual Assistants: here is what you need to know about us!

A few days ago I was thinking about how technology changed so rapidly in just a few years: in 2011 I was on exchange in Riga, and Whatsapp didn’t exist, nor the option of Facebook calls. I could still be in touch with my friends and parents by Skype, but we always had to arrange it by PM or email. I’m just so amazed at how fast our lives have changed in only a bunch of years and I’m absolutely curious at how things will change in the next few coming.

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administrative support

What can a VA do for you: Administrative support

55% of  Americans say they would save 16 minutes to one hour a day if they were more organized. Those consumers are then wasting 2-15 days a year!

Now, we aren’t all Americans, but organizational matters affect us anyway. 
Think: up to ONE HOUR a day LOST
Gone completely, only because of a lack of organization. 
You may not like planning and organizing, but I’m absolutely sure you see the value of that.
Now, what would you like to do if you would get that hour per day back? 
Trust me, you can regain all the time you currently lose when you working with a virtual assistant. 
And now I’m going to tell you how a VA can help you get that time back from the point of view of administrative support.

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To Be Consistent On Social Medias

Three Easy Tools To Be Consistent On Social Medias

Every Monday I sit at my desk with a cup of delicious espresso tea (yes, espresso tea guys…although I’m Italian and I love espresso coffee) and I light up a candle. It’s my ritual (or a prayer?) before scheduling or reviewing the content for the week/month ahead.
Tell me, does it happen to you too? To feel overwhelmed because you have no clue about what to post?
I see you, no worries. I manage my own and my clients’ content. I know how much time it takes, but only If you don’t use three very basic and FREE tools:

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